First Parish Church - Bow Tie Guys - An album of spiritual and popular ballads recorded by nine male singers from the First Parish Church in York, Maine.


York First Parish Church
Men’s Ensemble

The York First Parish Church Men’s Ensemble began life nearly ten years ago as a quartet, and gradually more voices were added, bringing the total to ten talented singers today. Each is a member of the First Parish Sanctuary Choir, and many of the gentlemen perform with other choral ensembles, e.g.,York Singers and Seacoast Community Chorus (Wendell Purrington, conductor). The group, affectionately known as The Bow Tie Guys, performs regularly during worship, and has appeared at several events in the Seacoast area including concerts at Trinity Church, Exeter Christ Church, Dover First Parish Church, the Portsmouth Music Hall, the ceremony on York Beach in honor of the volunteers and victims of September 11, 2001, and at the annual ARS Candlelight Service in Portsmouth.

The Bow Tie Guys wish to thank the countless number of people who have supported the ensemble from its inception: the members and friends of First Parish Church, the spouses of the gentlemen (who allow them to do what they love doing!), Tom Hoatson, Riversong Studios and Blind Dog Records, and Dr. Stewart Turner. Thanks be to God who gives us the hearts with which to love, the voices with which to sing, and the songs with which to glorify his name.

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