Extended welcoming hand from First Parish Church - ucc maine church

An Invitation to Participate in the Life of First Parish Church

If you are looking for a church home this is an invitation to join with the men, women, and children of this Community Church in the Congregational tradition of the United Church of Christ. Participation is open to all people who wish to share in the worship of God.

You may become a member of the First Parish Church by Confession of Faith, by Reaffirmation of Faith, or by Letter of Transfer from the Church to which you now belong. Non-members are invited to participate fully in the active life of our Church.

Visitors and those new in our community, who are worshipping with us for the first time, are encouraged to fill out the form below, check your requests and submit it to us. This form may also be used to request information about the programs, activities and membership in our Church.

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