I was raised in the Roman Catholic faith. I went to a Polish Catholic grammar school and an Irish Catholic High School. I was drawn to the Music Department and joined the Glee Club and Senior High Choir. When I joined the choir, it wasn’t for any religious reason…. I just loved to sing, it was FUN, AND I had a crush on the guitar player for the Folk Masses.

Fast forward more than a decade and a long hiatus from any form of organized religion, our family joined First Parish. I felt I had come home and to a place I’d never been before. This community of faithful, loving people took our family under their wings. And, most important to me, I began to treasure Sunday services…the peace and safety of the sanctuary, and sermons which revived my faith and encouraged me to look within myself to become a better person.

Then came Wendell and his Music Ministry and I was drawn to join another Senior Choir. But this time, for very different reasons. Singing gives me an outward way of expressing emotions that I often keep inside…love of God and our Earth, and gratitude for my family and friends and the wonderful life God has given me. But, truth be told, being in the Choir IS great FUN…I love this group like no other. And Wendell, I think I’ll always have a crush on you !

Over the years, I’ve gotten into the habit of tucking tissues between the pages of my hymnal for I never know when the tears will come as I sit in this sanctuary, this holy place, a home like no other. Tears of inspiration or profound joy or sadness. And that’s why sometimes, I particularly like to sing loud, for I can sing through my tears.