Good Morning!

I am George Parton and this is my wife Diana. We have recently moved back to York after 30 years away and are new to First Parish Church.

As we moved from place to place we have always been fortunate to find a church family that met our needs at the time; where we could make a contribution, where we could grow spiritually and where we felt at home.  When it came time to look for a church home in York, we wondered how long it would take to find the right fit. We had several stated desires – close to home, more than one active generation of worshippers, a pastor who is an inspiring and motivating preacher, a varied, high quality music program and most importantly, new friends who would quickly seem like old friends.


One visit to First Parish Church was all it took.  Pastor Verlee delivered a sermon that was aimed straight at us. Our reaction was, “Oh, we think we were meant to be here today to hear that!” We were warmly welcomed and we loved seeing all the families of different generations worshipping together.  We met folks we’d known long ago when we lived here before.  The music and worship experience was wonderful and the sense of belonging quickly followed.

Further confirmation of our choice has come each Sunday morning and every other time we’ve been involved in Church activities.  We feel we were led to be here.  Sunday worship continues to be inspiring and thought-provoking.  We appreciate the fine music program that contributes so much to our worship experience. We have made many new friends and look forward to meeting more.

We now share in the responsibility of supporting the mission of First Parish Church with our resources and God-given talents so that new arrivals and future generations find a welcoming, flourishing Christ-centered fellowship. It is our joy and privilege to participate with you in supporting and strengthening First Parish Church.

Thank you for making us feel as though we belong.