How It All Began


A Layman’s Interpretation by Thom Kearns


Inspired by the Book

The Shack

By William Young

I read a book a short while ago called The Shack that had such an impact on me, that I reread it. Which is something I rarely do!

I have taken the liberty of outlining the essence of the book and telling a story here without giving away the narrative plot line of the book. No spoiler alert needed here! It focuses on Creation and how it impacts our lives. I hope you find the following words and thoughts helpful to you.

Adam’s First Days

Adam spent his days walking in the Garden swinging from trees. He became lonely. God said: “I see that you are lonely – I have just the thing for you!”

A Beautiful Creature / Like you only different / A Delight/

A Companion/ A Friend /

Someone to  Play with You / Care For you / Talk and Laugh with You/ Never Argue or Complain / Smile and Wink  and Blow you Kisses / NOT ONLY THAT:

Someone to Cook / Make Your Bed / Get up before You / Make Breakfast and..


GOD replied:  “An Arm and a Leg!”

Adam thought for a moment and replied:

 “What can I get for a Rib?”

Purpose of this Sermon

To show the Continuity of God’s Search for us!

    God’s Search for us!      God’s Search for us!  

My own desire has been to Live In The Mystery of God. I want this more than anything.   I suspect that many of you do too!

We know a lot about the Universe

We know that we are all made of  Stardust from the Big Bang event. As astrophysist Neil de Grasse Tyson has said, “ All matter is full of holes. The electrons and protons and other sub-atomic particles are so far apart relatively, that ALL Matter – everything that exists - can be compacted to the size of a pin head.”  An AMAZING CONCEPT!

I guess that’s why  Urban Philosopher Stephen Wright says:

“Everything is within walking distance -

      – IF you have the time!”

What about God’s hand in Creation?

Genesis tells us that God used the WORD to initiate Creation.

 For Example: “and the Word became LIGHT”,

“and the Word became the Heavens,

“and the Word became the Waters,

“and the Word became the Earth,    Plants, Animals, , etc.


 But we Humans are special, we were created by the Hand of God.

We were created because God needed someone to love and share Eternity with – us humans.

C.S. Lewis in his book “Surprised By Joy”, asks the question:

 “How could Hamlet know Shakespeare?”   ***

Only if Shakespeare were to write himself into the play!

Isn’t this exactly what God has done for us?

God  Sent Jesus to show us the way to Salvation.

God is in OUR story line!   BELIEVE IT!

 So What Happened Next?

Creation was changed by Adam choosing to become like God. He chose “Independence” over a Relationship with God

Control replaced Trust, and Power replaced Relationships.

We became a danger to one another. We often regard others as objects to be manipulated for our own advantage. The results can be seen in the messes we are in today and throughout history.

To Quote The Minor Profit - George Carlin : 

“We drink too much,                            Smoke too much,

Spend too recklessly,                           Laugh too little,

Drive too fast,                                     Get too Angry,

Stay up too late,                                 Get up too tired,

Read too little,                                   Watch TV too much.

We have multiplied our possessions but reduced our values.

We talk too much,                             Love too seldom, and

Hate too often.

We’ve learned how to make a living, But not a life.

We’ve added years to life, but not life to years.”

Here’s the Good News!

God tries again and again to relate to His creatures.

  • Adam & Eve – Disobeyed God.
  • Noah – Doesn’t invite neighbors into the Ark.
  • Abraham – “sells” his wife to the pharaoh.
  • Jacob – Steals his brother Esau’s Birthright Inheritance.

God is the Patriarch or God Father of this dysfunctional family.

In spite of this cast of characters and their deeds, God forgives them and shows that He cares by making a Covenant with them.

God does not expect Perfection. God is Forgiving, Merciful, and  Loving. God continuously adjusts ways to relate to Creation, all we have to do is Listen and Try.     God is Searching for us.

What about a Relationship with God?

Time and again God chose to show us Humans how to get out of  the situations we create. Ultimately God sent Jesus into Creation, and allowed Jesus to remain completely human. Jesus chose not to intercede with His Father God, as he could have, and instead to live by example, not by strict rules, but by Relationships. His examples show how we should and can “Be”. 

 Jesus, is our link to Eternity!      (See John 15 and 17).

God does not force His will on us. God accepts the choices we make, and  respects our ability to say  “Yes or No”.  God wants us to join Him in Relationship

Not to be slaves to His will, but by Using Our Own Free Will! 

However, we suffer the consequences of the choices we make, when we try to pretend we are God!

For Example:

Scientists have long mused how good they were: they cured diseases, mapped the heavens, even cloned life. Many thought that they no longer needed God. So they selected one of their members to speak with God and tell God that He was no longer needed.

God said “Very well. But first let’s try this:  Let’s make a Human just as I did in the very beginning with Adam!”

The Scientist said “OK”  and proceeded to pick up a handful dirt.

God interrupted:  “NO, NO, NO.    Get your own Dirt!!”

God loves us even when we choose poorly!

Yes ! God refuses to be like us Humans who take Power and Dominion away from each other. God allows our choosing – Good or Bad! He joins us in the darkness that we have created but, God never abandons us and continues to Love us – no matter how poor the choices we make. There is hope for us all if we follow Jesus!

However sometimes we forget and choose to follow our own way.

 God wants us to relate to Him in our day to day situations by asking  What would Jesus do?” 

To return to God we must give up our ways of power and manipulation.

So why do bad things happen in Creation?

Because we choose Independence over God’s way!

We seek to use others to our advantage instead of acting in a Kind, Loving and Respectful way.

Life as we know it has become a trinity of terror (Politics, Economics, Religion). They exist to prop up our illusions of Security and Control! Only God can provide any kind of Security!

How can we do better?

  • Give up Judgment - leave that to God.
  • Embrace Love by trusting God.
  • Choose a Relationship Sharing Life in All that we do.
  • Your friends are waiting for you at church!
  • Your church can be where ever you are!
  • Jesus said: “ Wherever two or more are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them.”
  • Does God love us even when we have nothing to offer Him?
  • Here’s something that Charlotte taught me many years ago:

God loves each of us as if we were the only one He has  to love!    (repeat).

 Shouldn’t this perspective remove the pressure to perform?

SEEK A RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD!  The entire Bible is built around God’s search for us and God’s desire for us to respond.  

If in doubt about something, I have a simple test that I use very often to help with decisions: I simply say:

“The answer is in the question!”

For Example: “Does this tie go with this jacket?”


 “Does God search for us ?”

 “The answer is in the question!”

God searches for us until we are fountain

Our intuition is more powerful than we know!

Listen….and Respond.

How then can we respond to God?

We can stop trying to live strictly by the Commandments and strive to live as Jesus lived.– free of rules, free of judging others.

We can and should become action Verbs: “Be Kind”, “Be Loving”, “Be Responsible”, etc. Goodness will naturally follow.

It seems a rather uncomplicated way to live and respond to God’s Search for us.

Take the Risk!              

-John Wesley

“Do all the Good -    you can,

By all the Means -    you can,

In all the Ways    -   you can,

In all the Places   -   you can,

At all the Times   -   you can,

To all the People -   you can,

For as Long as     -  you can.”               

Do this for the glory of God our creator who searches for us relentlessly until we are found.


Prayer of Meditation

 Heavenly Father-

We struggle with words to talk with you;

We feel awkward and out of place;

We do not feel good enough for this conversation.

 In such moments let us use the words of the Psalmists:

 “Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the lands.

Serve the Lord with gladness!

Come into His presence with singing!

 Know that the Lord is God!

It is He that made us, and we are His,

We are his people, and the sheep of His pasture.

 Enter  His gates with thanksgiving,

And His courts with praise!

Give thanks to Him, bless His name.

 For the Lord is good;

His steadfast love endures for ever,

And His faithfulness to all generations.”


Psalm 100: 1-4

 (Now let us sing our opening Hymn)

 The Invitation: God’s Grace, Mercy and Peace be with you!


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