Sunday, June 18th

Dan Hollis begins vacation

9:30am Worship/Music Sunday/Father’s Day

10:45am Coffee Hour-Elkorn’s 60th Anniversary

Monday, June 19th

8:30am Zumba

5pm Personnell Committee Meeting

7pm VBS Volunteer Meeting

Tuesday, June 20th

8:30am Aerobics

5pm-7pm Table of Plenty

7pm Deacons Meeting

Wednesday, June 21st

8:30am Aerobics

9am Women’s Bible Study & Office Volunteer


6pm Bread of Life-Pot Luck-Last Meeting

Thursday, June 22nd

8:30am Aerobics

Friday, June 23rd

8:30am Zumba

Sunday, June 18th

9:30am Worship/New Members