Sunday, November 6th

9:30am Worship/Communion

11am Social Justice Group

11am Men’s Ensemble Rehearsal

4pm A Concert of Two “Firsts”-FPC and Dover Choirs

6pm Burke/Stevens Dream Team

6pm Walter/Schriefer Dream Team

6:30pm O’Connor/Rasche Dream Team

Monday, November 7th

8:30am Zumba

10am Mancinelli/Nelson Dream Team

2pm Stewardship Committee Meeting

Tuesday, November 8th

7:30am Yogalates

8:30am Aerobics

3:30pm Nominating Committee Meeting

5pm Table of Plenty

6:30pm Assessors Meeting

7pm Lindop/Gough/LaBonte Dream Team

Wednesday, November 9th

8:30am Aerobics

9am Women’s Bible Study

10:30am Drew/Martindale Dream Team

6:30pm Cassidy/Wood Dream Team

Thursday, November 10th

7:30am Yogalates

8:30am Aerobics

6pm Handbell Choir Rehearsal

7pm Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal

Friday, November 11th

8:30am Zumba

Saturday, November 12th

8:30am-4pm Dream Team Leaders Retreat

Sunday, November 13th

9:15am Hymn Sing

9:30am Worship/Baptism

9:30am Church School Breakfast

10:30am Special Congregational Meeting

11am We Appreciat ePastor Anne

11am Men’s Ensemble Rehearsal

5pm Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal