Sunday, August 7th

9:30am Worship/Communion

Monday, August 8th

8:30am Zumba

4pm Mission Committee Meeting

5:30pm Personnel Committee Meeting

6:30pm Stewardship Committee Meeting

6:30pm Women on the Move-J. Schriefer’s Home

Tuesday, August 9th

7:30am Yogalates

8:30am Aerobics

5pm Table of Plenty

5pm Assessors/Deacons Dinner-P. Upton’s Residence

Wednesday, August 10th

8:30am Aerobics

5pm Search Committee Meeting

Thursday, August 11th

7:30am Yogalates

8:30am Aerobics

Friday, August 12th

8:30am Aerobics

 Sunday, August 14th

9:15am Hymn Sing

9:30am Worship/Melissa O’Keefe, soloist

11am Music Committee Meeting

11am Dream Team Guide Training