Sunday, March 20th

9:30am Worship/Palm Sunday

10:30am Rachel’s Farewell Reception

11am Men’s Ensemble Rehearsal

12pm Confirmation Class

1:30pm Youth Group-Get Air

5pm Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal

Monday, March 21st

8:30am Aerobics

5:30pm Guitar for Everyone

Tuesday, March 22nd

7:30am Yogalates

8:30am Aerobics

11am Women’s Book Group

5pm Table of Plenty

7pm Church Council Meeting

Wednesday, March 23rd

8:30am Aerobics

9am Women’s Bible Study

6pm Bread of Life

Thursday, March 24th

7:30am Yogalates

8:30am Aerobics

6pm Choir Warm Up

7pm Maundy Thursday Worship

in Fellowship Hall

Friday March 25th

8:30am Aerobics

12pm Ecumenical Good Friday Worship

6pm Choir Warm Up

7pm Good Friday Worship

Saturday, March 26th

11am Choir Rehearsal with Brass

Sunday, March 27th

9am Worship/Easter

10am Easter Egg Hunt/Coffee Hour

11am Worship/Easter