Sunday, December 13th

9:15am Christmas Carol Sing

9:30am Worship/Third Sunday of Advent

10:30am Train Show/Advent Festival

10:30am brief Christmas Story Rehearsal downstairs

11am Men’s Ensemble Rehearsal

2pm Choirs warm-up for concert

4pm Christmas in the Village Concert

7pm Lessons and Carols Choir Rehearsal

Monday, December 14th

8:30am Fit for Life-Aerobics

6:30pm Women on the Move Meeting

at Judy Schriefer’s home

Tuesday, December 15th

7:30am Fit for Life-Yogalates

8:30am Fit for Life-Aerobics

11am Women’s Book Group

5pm Table of Plenty

6pm Deacons/Assessors Christmas Dinner

Wednesday, December 16th

8:30am Fit for Life-Aerobics

9am Women’s Bible Study

6pm Bread of Life

Thursday, December 17th

7:30am Fit for Life-Yogalates

8:30am Fit for Life-Aerobics

2:30pm Young Voices Rehearsal

5pm High School Vocal Ensemble Rehearsal

6pm Handbell Choir Rehearsal

7pm Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal

Friday, December 18th

8:30am Fit for Life-Aerobics

6pm New Actors-Drive Though Nativity Rehearsal

Saturday, December 19th

4pm All Actors-Drive Through Nativity Rehearsal

5pm-7pm Drive Through Nativity

Sunday, December 20th

9:30am Worship/Fourth Sunday of Advent

10:30am Christmas Story Rehearsal

4pm Lessons & Carols at Trinity Church