Sunday, October 25th

9:30am Worship

10:30am Heifer International Farm Visit

11am Men’s Ensemble Rehearsal

5pm Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal

Tuesday, October 27th

11am Women’s Book Group

5pm Table of Plenty

7pm Leadership Council Meeting

Wednesday, October 28th

9am Women’s Bible Study

6pm Bread of Life

Thursday, October 29th

2:30pm Young Voices Youth Choir Rehearsal

6pm Handbell Choir Rehearsal

7pm Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal

Sunday, November 1st

9:30am Worship/Communion/All Saints

10:30am Confirmation Retreat

11am Men’s Ensemble Rehearsal

11:30am Social Justice Group

11am Men’s Ensemble Rehearsal

4pm Concert at Dover First Parish Church

7pm All Saints Service