Sunday, May 17th

9:30am Worship

3pm Seacoast Community Chorus Concert

3:30pm 2014 Confirmation Class Reunion

5:30pm Senior High Youth Group

Tuesday, May 19th

11am Women’s Book Group

5-7pm Table of plenty

7pm Deacons Meeting

Wednesday, May 20th

9am Women’s Bible Study

6pm Bread of Life with Steve Rasche

Thursday, May 21st

3:30pm Children/Youth Choir rehearsal

4:40pm High School Vocal Ensemble rehearsal

6pm Handbell Choir rehearsal

7pm Sanctuary Choir rehearsal

7pm Village Faire meeting

Sunday, May 24th

9:30am Worship

(Church School for Worship and Wonder only –preK-2nd)

11am Memorial Coffee in Cemetery