Monday, March 30th

7:30am Fit and Faith

Tuesday, March 31st

4pm Cancer Support Group-Pastor Rachel

5-7pm Table of Plenty

Wednesday, April 1st

9am Women’s Bible Study

Thursday, April 2nd

9:30am Building & Grounds Committee Meeting

3:30pm Children's/Youth Choir rehearsal

6:00pm  Sanctuary Choir warm-up in Fellowship Hall

7pm Maundy Thursday Worship in Fellowship Hall

Friday, April 3rd

7:30am Fit and Faith

6pm Sanctuary Choir and Men’s Ensemble warm up in Sanctuary

7pm Good Friday Worship

Saturday, April 4th

11am Sanctuary Choir rehearsal with brass in Sanctuary

Sunday, April 5th

8am Sanctuary Choir warm-up in Sanctuary

9am and 11am Worship/Easter