Monday, March 2nd

7:00am Fit and Faith

9:30am Strewardship Committee

Tuesday, March 3rd

11am Women’s Book Group

5-7pm Table of Plenty

7pm Seacoast Choir

Wednesday, March 4th

9am Women’s Bible Study

10:30am Beginner Chair Yoga

6pm Bread of Life

Thursday, March 5th

9:30am Building & Grounds Committee

3:30pm Children's/Youth Choir rehearsal

6:00pm  Handbell Choir rehearsal

7:00pm Sanctuary Choir rehearsal

Friday, March 6th

7:00am Fit and Faith

5:30pm Youth Group Meeting

6:pm K-Club

Friday - Sunday, February6th - 8th 

Women's Retreat @ Franciscan Monastery

Sunday, March 8th

9:30am Worship/Hymn Sing

11am Tracing Your Spiritual Roots