To motivate all members of the church to make and keep pledges for financial support in the amounts needed to support the needs of the Church and Parish.


  1. Creates and communicates understanding of the details of the work and financial requirements of the various Church and Parish organizations to all members of the church. While there is an ongoing component to these efforts, much of the committee's activities focus on preparing for presentations and direct solicitations each year during the annual pledge drive.
  2. Organizes efforts to directly ask members of the church for pledges and contributions.
  3. Oversees the work of the Financial Secretary maintaining individual giving records and reporting back to individual contributors their contribution totals, usually three times each year (a midyear report in July, a November/December update, and a year-end report in January).
  4. Works closely with the Assessors and keeps them updated on results of the pledge drive.
  5. Prepares an annual report to the Assessors and the membership for approval at the annual meeting.


There are five members of the Stewardship Committee, nominated by the Parish Nominating committee. Terms of office are the same as those of the Assessors -- 3 year terms with terms to be staggered. The committee determines a Chairperson at the beginning of each year.

Meetings are held as needed, becoming more frequent as required for planning for the ensuing year.