Responsible for the personnel management for First Parish Church: to give leadership for the congregation on human resource matters; to work with the Leadership Teams in pastor and staff searches; to oversee pastoral and staff contracts, job descriptions, supervision, sabbatical requests, performance evaluations, and terminations.


  1. Recommend duties and responsibilities of the senior pastor and other pastor(s).
  2. Evaluate positions and recommend additions/deletions of positions putting these recommendations before the church for their approval.
  3. Review, update and develop job descriptions for all positions needed and approved by the church.
  4. Work with the Assessors to determine possible compensation for positions approved by the church.
  5. Receive resumes from people seeking positions with the church, with the exception of the office of pastor or any other ministerial staff positions that the church has charged specific committees with the responsibility for filling the position.
  6. Work closely with the Pastor Search Committee and the Assessors to develop a package for prospective pastoral candidates and other staff positions.
  7. Act as a support group to all staff.
  8. Recommend personnel policies and procedures.
  9. Report to the Assessors and present a written report at the Church/Parish Annual Meeting.


There arethree to five members of the Personnel Committee with each having a three- year term, nominated by the Nominating Committee. Terms may be for less than three years, as recommended by the Nominating Committee, so that at least one new member is elected each year. A member may serve for two consecutive terms. The committee determines a chairperson.