To play an active role in keeping lines of communication open between members of the congregation and the pastor(s), and to assist both the pastor(s) and the members in resolving issues where actions or behavior differ from expectations. This committee is to provide support, feedback, and guidance to the pastor(s).


  1. To know and understand the pastor’s position and actions on the major issues facing the church  and congregation, and advise the pastor(s) on matters of potential conflict with individual members or groups within the congregation; acts as a sounding board for members’ probable attitudes towards new ideas and changes.
  2. Meet as needed with pastor(s) to identify particular problems or issues perceived by the pastor(s) relating to individual church members or groups.
  3. Provide a confidential resource to both church members and to the pastor(s) in communicating differences and helping in their resolution.
  4. Strict confidentiality is maintained.


The committee consists of three to five members, nominated by the Nominating Committee. The term of office is three years. Terms may be for less than three years, as recommended by the Nominating Committee, in order that at least one new member is elected each year. A member may serve for two consecutive terms. The committee determines the chairperson.

This committee meets as needed, upon request of the pastor(s) or by an individual member of the congregation.