Keeping in mind the Mission and Vision of the Church, to identify qualified interested candidates from within the active membership and nominate them for election at the annual meeting of First Parish Church to occupy vacant positions on each of the various boards and committees.


  1. Knows and understands the work of each of the various boards committees of First Parish.
  2. Develops lists of potential candidates through direct solicitations using the Church bulletins, contacts with board and committee chairs, personal knowledge of members of the Church, and direct referrals from members and pastors.
  3. Obtains advance agreement of candidates for nomination. Once nominated, individuals are expected to serve out terms of office, barring major changes in personal circumstances.
  4. Major amount of committee effort is in anticipation of the annual meeting of the Church held in February, with nominees identified and agreed-to in time for names to be included in annual report submitted for review at that meeting.
  5. Within the reasonable limits of the membership itself, attempts to achieve balance on boards and committees among age, membership seniority, sex, applicable experience, and the likely prospect of being able to attend meetings.


There are at least five members of the Nominating Committee. At least one is nominated and elected each year for a term of three years.

The committee meets irregularly. The majority of the meeting time occurs in October, November and early December in anticipation of the annual First Parish Church meeting.