To establish policies and procedures for the role of music in the activities of the church and oversee the efforts of the Director of Music Ministries, Music Associate and Children & Youth Choir Director.


  1. Oversees, along with the Senior Pastor, work of the  Director of Music Ministries, Music Associate, and Youth Choir(s) Director. Working with the Personnel Committee, establishes terms of employment, including pay recommendations, benefits, and hours of work.
  2. Establishes conditions governing "outside" performers or musicians.
  3. Establishes guidelines for the purchase, use, maintenance, and replacement of choir robes, folders, sheet music, organ, piano, and other materials needed for the music program.
  4. Serves as communications link between the music staff and members of the church.
  5. Prepares annual budget and report for review at the annual meeting.


There at least five but no more than seven members of the Board of Music Ministries -- usually some members from the choir, and some ‘at large,’ nominated by the Nominating Committee for three-year terms. The chair is determined by the committee and serves for a one year term. Interim replacements are usually found by asking for volunteers in conjunction with the Church Council, who approve interim appointments.