To review the needs for and usage of the Benevolence Funds of First Parish Church. Requests and proposals for assistance to charities, missions, religious educational institutions and youth groups are received and studied and recommendations made to the Church Council.


  1. Oversees the mission activities of First Parish Church.
  2. Proposes annual Mission budget, including "Our Church's Wider Mission,” pledge to UCC,  and the benevolent budget for endowment investment income.
  3. Seeks out and identifies mission projects.
  4. Promotes awareness of mission activities throughout the congregation, acting as a catalyst relative to current social issues through education and stimulation of individual's and group involvement.
  5. Oversees utilization of the tithe of the non-pledged offering income. 


There are five to seven members of the Mission Committee -- two each year nominated by the Nominating Committee, and elected for three- year terms at the annual meeting. The Board determines a chairperson.

Meetings are typically held monthly.