To serve as the legal trustees of the First Parish Cemetery Association and manage the operations of First Parish Cemetery.


  1. In accordance with the Mission and Vision for the Ministry of First Parish Church, and working in partnership with the Assessors, the Trustees  establish policies and procedures for the short and long-term operation of the Cemetery.
  2. Hires Cemetery employees, including the Cemetery Superintendent; establishes and updates appropriate pay, benefits and working conditions on a regular basis.
  3. Provides advice and counsel to the Cemetery Superintendent in the course of on-going operations throughout the year to assure the cemetery meets all legal requirements of the state of Maine.
  4. Develops long term plans to assure the cemetery meets the future needs of the Parish and the town.
  5. Develops a yearly budget and authorizes expenditures beyond those normally delegated to the Cemetery Superintendent.
  6. Authorizes the Investment Committee to invest the capital funds of the cemetery. The cemetery organization is expected to operate within the income from these investments, from plot leases, and various fees for services provided.
  7. Presents a written report to the annual meeting summarizing activities, income, and expenditures; along with recommendations regarding future capital expenditures.


The five members of this board are the Trustees of the First Parish Cemetery. Two years, two individuals are nominated by the Parish Nominating Committee and elected by the Parish membership at the annual meeting for a term of three years. In the third year, one member is nominated and elected. Members may serve two terms and are not again eligible for nomination for one year. In the event of a resignation, the Church Council selects a replacement until the next annual meeting of First Parish Church.

The full committee usually meets monthly throughout the year. Monthly treasurer’s and secretary’s reports are presented at each meeting.