To see to immediate repairs and maintenance of the 4 buildings and grounds, and to develop and execute longer-term plans for regular maintenance and improvements suited to the changing needs of the church membership.


This committee is responsible for the First Parish grounds, Church House, Fellowship Hall, Parish House, and Parsonage. In conjunction with the Assessors, they are responsible to see that:

  1. All buildings and all grounds are maintained in a clean and orderly condition,
  2. Exterior and interior painting of all buildings are appropriately scheduled, budgeted, and contracted,
  3. All office, kitchen, security, heating, electrical, and plumbing equipment are evaluated periodically,
  4. Recommendations are made as necessary to the Assessors for replacement and upkeep to be mincluded in the budget process, if possible, and
  5. Rental fees are set, as appropriate, in consultation with the Assessors.

The Treasurer collects rental fees and pays for supplies, electrical power, bottled gas, water, garbage disposal, and other expenses related to the ongoing maintenance, as included in the annual expense budget.


This committee is composed of five to seven members. Members are nominated by the Nominating Committee with 3 year staggered terms and are eligible to be re-elected to serve for an unlimited number of terms recognizing the value of the experience gained from the prior term(s).